What do you mean when you say that you’re a former refugee lawyer?

That’s an awesome question!

I practised as a lawyer in Perth and specialised in immigration and refugee law. Then I worked for UNHCR in Thailand and Turkey, IOM in Tanzania and NGOs in the Philippines, Egypt and Tanzania.

I don’t practice as a lawyer anymore but have a 9-5 that keeps the lights on.

What do you mean when you say you’re a recovering lawyer?

That’s an awesome question! It means I’m trying really hard to not need to be right all the time.

How and why did you start comedy?

That’s an awesome question! I moved to Melbourne in 2017 and lived in a seven person share house. The rest of my friends were getting married, buying houses and having babies.

I felt quite out of the loop so I signed up for Triple J’s Raw Comedy competition after getting dumped - yet again - via text. I got to Victoria’s state final and everything’s just kind of kept going from there.

What’s the coolest thing about comedy?

That’s an awesome question! No one in comedy is cool. That’s such a relief. It’s a community with an age range of very young to very old telling funny stories about the hugely different ways they live their lives. I love that.

What’s the difference between stand up and improv comedy?

That’s an awesome question! You’re solo on stage in stand up comedy, performing material you’ve written on your own. You know where it’s going and when the laughs are supposed to come.

You’re a part of a team on stage in improv comedy, going with the flow using skills you’re taught in class. You usually have no idea where it’s going but trust that you’ll get somewhere fun as a team.

Both forms of comedy bring much joy - and terror - in different ways.

This doesn’t answer my question, I guess I have a not so frequently asked question?

Shoot me an email via the contact page, I’m sure its an awesome question!